Your Next Client is Only 3 Clicks Away 🤯

published on 08 July 2021

I know, I know, sounds like hyperbole doesn’t it? and if your strategy until now has been to simply shout that you exist then I can see why something so simple might seem ridiculous- but it really is true!

At Now Work we bang on about it all the time, but having a strategy is so important when it comes to marketing. It doesn't have to be complicated or grandiose but there does need to be a defined outcome and follow some kind of methodology.

So how do we get to your next client in 3 clicks?

It really is that simple - providing valuable content and solving your ideal client's problems is the fastest way to gain engaged customers and grow your business online.

Remember, marketing is something you do with people, not to people. So just posting online that you exist and telling people to buy your product or service is not going to result in engagement or sales.

By working with your ideal customers and offering them value, you break past the sales barrier and become a trusted partner.

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not selling a product or service.

Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Selling

 If you want to create engaging content for your target audience, then it needs to solve their problems. That’s why we created The Content Checklist. It will guide you through the process of creating an effective strategy that generates more leads and sales.

We make this checklist available as a free download so anyone can have access to it - no strings attached! Let me know your details below and I'll send you a copy right now.

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