7 Tips For Writing Magnetic Headlines In Minutes 🧲⚡️

published on 08 July 2021

You know that feeling when you read a blog post headline and it immediately grabs your attention?

When you're hooked and want to learn more without even reading the first sentence? That's what we need our headlines to do. If they don't, people will click away from our content in seconds. But writing an engaging headline isn't always easy - most of us are not professional copywriters who have years of experience perfecting their craft.

So how can we get better at this skill, quickly? In today's post, I share some tips about how you can create compelling headlines fast:

1) Craft the perfect intro:

The most important part of an article is the introduction. The first sentence can make or break your audience's potential interest in reading more.

2. Keep your headline short

Although a long headline is tempting, it's best to keep your headline short and engaging.

3. Make it personal - try to make the reader feel like they're part of the story

A great way to grab attention is by making it feel like you're speaking directly to someone. For example, "How I finally fixed my dog's bad breath"

4. Give a strong call-to-action that includes an offer or a sense of urgency

In order to get people interested in what you're selling, it's important to include a sense of urgency. For example, if you have something limited or short term available then make sure people know about it!

5. Use power words in your headlines, such as "free", "new", and "easy"

The best kind of headlines are ones that have power words. They're the kind that makes you want to read more, like "Free Tools To Boost Sales" and "Get New Customers With These Easy Tricks".

6. Avoid using negative words, such as "no" and "don't"

Instead of using words such as "no" and "don't", consider using strong action verbs like "start now" or even the word "now".

7. Include numbers in your headline if you want to really boost your click-through rate (e.g. 7 Secrets for Writing Headlines That Convert)

One of the most effective ways to get people's attention when writing headlines is to use numbers. For example "10 reasons why I like cats or 5 easy steps on how to bake a cake!"

It's been proven that writing headlines with numbers can boost your click-through rate by almost 50%.

If you're like most people, your headlines are probably one of the first things that get scanned. In this blog post we've provided 7 tips for writing magnetic headlines in minutes so you can attract more readers and ultimately generate more leads or sales.

Let me know your details below and I'll send you our content checklist to help make sure every piece of copy is as compelling as possible. 

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